Best Wireless Headphones actually you can buy under 5000

Wireless Headphones give us a lot of comforts while listening to songs. We don’t need to look out for wires every time. Peope now a days are shifting from wired to wireless headphones.


As you read the below article, you will also find out are Wireless headphones good?


There are various Wireless headphones brands available in market. I have done some extensive research and based on that I have come with these 5 Wireless headphones at lowest prices which you can buy under 5000.


 Wireless headphones cost in India has a wide range. When anyone is looking to buy Wireless headphones with mic, people tend to see features like Best sound experience and best battery life, budget-friendly headphones.


There are various On-ear Wireless headphones under 5000, Over-ear wireless headphones available in the market which have a good sound, battery life and also good for our pocket. 


Some people keep on searching for wireless headphones at the lowest price. I have listed the few best cheapest Wireless headphones, which are budget-friendly and have great features.


It could be handy using Bluetooth Wireless headphones while running, working out in the gym.


I have done some extensive research and come out with the best and cheapest Wireless headphones for all of you.


Let me tell you which wireless headphones are best? As you read the below article of Wireless Headphones you will find out and also this article will help you in your search to buy best wireless headphones.

Below are the list of Best Wireless Headphones in India

(1) Boat Rockerz 510 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

Boat Rockerz 510

Boat Company has brought out so many headphones in the market in the Wireless Headphones segment. These are budget-friendly and have the best sound experience.

It has an efficient and elegant design.

Boat Rockerz 510 headphone is glossy in looks and offers great features. It is very comfortable to put on the head. Little bit heavy, but looks goods. It is one of the best Over-ear Wireless Bluetooth headphones which is giving huge competition to other brands( JBL & BOSE), because of its salient features.

Specifications of Boat Rocketz 510 wireless Bluetooth Headphone :

It is a dual-mode headphone. It means, it is both wireless and wired headphones. It can be used without wire and if you want to use wire, AUX Cable can be used.

You can enjoy the high-definition sound with extra bass

It is light in weight, so while wearing On-ear Headphone, doesn’t feel like you are wearing it. Cushions on the earpads of headphones are very soft.

The best part of this On-ear Wireless headphone is that all the control buttons are on earcups.

You can turn the earcups, which brings flexibility in using this wireless headphone.

It has good battery life. Once fully charged, it can last up to 8 hours.

It has a built-in mic for calling. The sound quality of the device is good.

This device comes with Bluetooth 4.1 for connectivity.

It connects easily with smartphones and PC.

The headphone is completely made up of plastic. But, quality could vary and some people won’t like it. But considering the budget of this headphone, I believe it is good to have this Headphone with you.


Look at the list and try to find out which is Bluetooth headphone is best in India? This list is just to help you all to narrow down your search for finding the best wireless headphones.

(2) Tribit Xfree tune Bluetooth Headphone over ear

Tribit Xfree tune

This is one of the premium headphones, which is the very comfortable and sound quality of this headphone is great.

It is one of the affordable over-ear headphones. It is a wireless headphone.

It is robust and comfortable to wear. Compare to other headphones, this headphone has better sound quality. On the ear side, it has good cushion which brings comfort to our ears.

Although it is wireless, this over-ear headphone comes with a 3.5 mm port for wire use. On the right side, the device has ON/OFF and the volume button. The button is small and not noticeable, which is very good as it blends with the headphone.

It comes with micro USB for charging the headphone.

This wireless headphones is equipped with built-in mic which can be connected to PC as well.

At Cnet’s Award event, this headphone is been awarded as “ BEST HEADPHONE FOR 2020”

The charging time of this headphone is 4 hours. Once, fully charge you can use up to 40 hours.

It has a built-in microphone in it.


I see this one of the best Over-ear Headphones and strongly recommend to buy this headphone.

(3) Corsair HS50 – Stereo Gaming Headset


This is another Premium Headphone I am going to review. It is a wireless headphone for gaming with amazing sound quality and a noise-canceling microphone.

You can use this headphone while going to the gym or walking. This is one of the best wireless headphones for the gym.

It has a pretty amazing gaming Headset. Comfortable & Sturdy and company offers premium quality.

The ear cups of the headphone are pretty big and can easily fit on your ear, giving you high-quality sound. It is been made such that it can fit all the ears.

It comes in Green, black and blue color edition. The looks of the headset are so premium that you won’t feel like you are buying an entry-level Headphone.

It is a Wired headphone that comes with a 3.5 mm cable on the left cup of the headphone. It can be used with Game consoles, Smartphones, PC.

There is ON-OFF toggle Button for muting the microphone.

It is so comfortable, that you can wear this headphone for a long time without feeling any discomfort.

This is the gaming Headphone, so it can be connected to PC, PlayStation, XBOX One, Nintendo Switch, and Smartphone or any other device with an adapter.

The microphone is detachable in this headphone.


This is a gaming headphone, so don’t expect much if you like listening to Music. Because it doesn’t go well if you want to listen to music on this headphone.

(4) JBL tune 600 BTNC


This JBL wireless headphone comes with Bluetooth Equipped with Passive & Active Noise Cancelling Technology.

A better JBL Wireless Headphone prices in india ranges from 2000 to 10000. Here, I have talked about about JBL Wireless headphone in the mid-range which is nor cheaper nor costlier.

The battery life of this headphone is good. Once, fully Charged, which usually takes 2 hours, you can use it for up to 16 hours.

 Running with wireless headphones have become a trend now. So, this headphone can be used for that purpose.

The earcups have a built-in microphone and 3-button on it so that you can toggle as much as you want to take calls and switch back to listen to the music.

It has 32mm drivers, due to this you can experience powerful Bass Sound and listen to your favorite music.

You can use this Headphone on Wired mode as well. It has a detachable headphone cable.

It is light in weight and earcups can be foldable, so that you can store them easily when you are not using.

It comes with 1-Year Manufacturing Warranty.


I have used JBL headphone and they come with good sound quality. This is one of the best On-ear Wireless headphones.

(5) Sony WH-CH510 Wireless Headphones

Sony WH-CH510

Now, its time for me to bring SONY Headphones on this list. People who are looking to buy something different should think of buying this headphone.

I believe that this one of the best wireless headphones for running.

The USP of this headphone is its battery life. SONY claims that once fully charged, this headphone can work up to 35 hours.

It has excellent Audio Quality and supports Bluetooth 5.0.

It is lightweight ( 130 grams). The ear cups are foldable. The quality of this headphone is good enough for the price you pay.

On the right Ear cups, you get all the Button and USB – type C support. That is the place to see the microphone for making calls. If one is considering to buy Overhead headphones, you should keep this option with yourself.

This Wireless headphone comes in 3 color options ( Blue, White & Black).


I believe that this is one of the good  Wireless headphones SONY has come out with. If someone is looking for a low budget and versatile headphone, then they should buy this headphone.

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